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About & Contact

This is the official website for the Institute of Logic and Intelligence, Southwest University. Anouncements and Invited Talks sections are redirected to 通知公告(Announcements) and 天辅逻辑论坛(Tianfu Logic) respectively,  although many announcements and talks are written in Chinese. (Since October 2017, most news will be available in English.) Currently, the website mainly reports the following information:

□  activities like conferences, workshops, seminars, talks, publications , etc. happened in ILI, Southwest University;

□  news, events and announcements from the logic community.

If you want to contribute to ILI, please contact to us by the following methods. 

Visiting address: 3203, No. 3 Teaching building, Southwest University.

Posting address: Institute of Logic and Intelligence, No. 3 Teaching building, Southwest University, Tiansheng road 2, 400715, Beibei, Chongqing, China.

Email: logic2004 <AT> *

Official Wechat: Logic_SWU

* If you need responses relatively quick by email, please contact to Dr. Zuojun Xiong (zuojunxiong <AT>