[Position in SWU]Job positions in Logic and philosophy, Southwest University, Chongqing, China

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Southwest University (SWU) is a key comprehensive university directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education, a university included by the construction of “211 Projects” and Innovation Platform for Advanced Disciplines of “985 Projects” which is located in Beibei District of Chongqing, China. More information we refer to the website: swu.edu.cn. 

Institute of Logic and Intelligence (ILI) in SWU was founded in 2004 as a center for the study of theoretical and applied logic, with a PhD degree programme. It is the Key Liberal Science Research Base in Chongqing and is distinguished in the quantity and quality of publications in well-known academic publishers, and in the extent of international cooperation and exchange. More information we refer to the website: logic.swu.edu.cn. 

Ideal candidates from Logic:  logic applied in philosophy, artificial intelligence, computer science and so on. 

Variants of Positions like professorship, associate professorship,  assistant professorship, lecturership and postdoctoral positions are available until been full filled.  

Positions and Salary

  1.  Professorassociate professor and assistant professor of overseas famous universities and research institutions

  1. Treatment differs according to employment way (full time)

  1. Employment under Performance benefits system

  2. Employment under contract (Non-Chinese nationality, full time)

Actively recommend the application of National and Chongqing talent project, if selected, implement according to the following table (Table 1):

  B.  Implement according to the following table if working part time (Table 2):

2.Overseas PhD or postdoctoral

Excellent candidates can be recruited directly through Special Assessment to the professorassociate professor, and enjoy the corresponding treatment.

Actively recommend the application of National and Chongqing talent project, if selected, implement according to the Table 1.


PhD or Postdoctoral requirements and positions in the following Table:

In addition to the above, National and Chongqing funding could be applied, which is up to 430,000 Yuan.


Application Procedure

Please send full resume, copies of academic credentials, a publication list with abstracts of selected published papers, a research plan, a teaching statement, to the Institute of Logic and Intelligence(logic2004@swu.edu.cn). 

For inquiries, please contact Assoc.Prof. Zhanglv Li, Dr. Zuojun Xiong or Dr. Junli Jiang 

Telephone number: +86-23-68367797

Email: logic2004@swu.edu.cn

Address: Institute of Logic and Intelligence, NO.3 Teaching Building, Southwest University, NO.3 Tiansheng Road, 400715, Beibei, Chongqing, China

More information we refer to http://rczp.swu.edu.cn/s/rczp/index8/20170223/1689489.html.