PhD position in Cognitive Reasoning, Germany, Deadline: 3 Jan 2018

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The Harz University of Applied Sciences conducts the project "CORG Cognitive Reasoning", together with the Universität Koblenz-Landau, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). This project aims at the construction of a cognitive computing system by modeling aspects of human reasoning. We will extend classical logical reasoning with non-monotonic reasoning like defeasible and normative logics in combination with machine learning.

We are looking to recruit a dedicated project staff. The position is limited to 3 years, full-time. The salary will be according to qualification up to salary scale 13 TV-L. The successful candidate will pursue a PhD thesis in collaboration with the partner university.


The candidate should have a degree, preferably in computer science. Very good knowledge in one or more of the following areas is desirable:

        artificial intelligence

        cognitive computing

        logics in computer science

        machine learning

        programming languages

The Harz University of Applied Sciences wishes to raise the proportion offemale academic staff and would therefore like to expressly encourage qualified women to apply for the position. Preference is given to severely disabled candidates, if they have the same level of qualification.

Please send your application with the usual documents - preferably by e-mail - to


by 3 January 2018 or by mail to:

        Hochschule Harz


        Friedrichstrasse 57-59

        38855 Wernigerode

For more information, please contact:

        Prof. Dr. Frieder Stolzenburg

        Project Manager

        Tel: +49 3943 659-333

        Email: <>


Prof. Dr. Frieder Stolzenburg

Hochschule Harz (Harz University of Applied Sciences)

FB Automatisierung und Informatik (Automation & Computer Sciences Dep.)

Friedrichstr. 57-59

D-38855 Wernigerode (Germany)

Raum (Office): 2.008

Tel: +49 3943 659-333

Fax: +49 3943 659-399

Skype: fstolzenburg