[PhD position] In Logic at Utrecht University, the Netherlands(Deadline: 20 May, 2019.)

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Deadline for applications: 20 May, 2019.

The PhD position is embedded in the research project “Optimal Proofs”  funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research led by Prof. Rosalie Iemhoff, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Utrecht University. The project in mathematical and philosophical logic is concerned with formalization in general and proof systems as a form of formalization  in particular. Its mathematical aim is to develop methods to describe the possible proof systems of a given logic and establish, given various criteria of optimality, what the optimal proof systems of the logic are. Its philosophical aim is to develop general criteria for faithful formalization in logic and to thereby distinguish good formalizations  from bad ones.  The mathematical part of the project focusses on, but is not necessarily restricted to, the (non)classical logics that occur in computer science, mathematics, and philosophy, while the philosophical part of the project also takes into account domains where formalization in logic is less common. The research of the PhD lies mainly within the mathematical part of the project, but can, depending on the interests of the candidate, be extended to the philosophical part of the project as well. 


We are looking for a talented and dedicated student with a master's degree or equivalent degree in mathematics, computer science, or philosophy, specializing in logic or a related area. 

Additional information

For more information on the practical details of the positions and the application procedure , please visit 



For more information on the project, please contact Rosalie Iemhoff at r.iemhoff@uu.nl.