Thomas Ågotnes教授报告:真实的谎言(True Lies)

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题目:真实的谎言(True Lies)

报告人:Thomas Ågotnes 教授

时   间:2019年4月25日(周四) 19:00-21:00

地   点:中心学术报告厅(3203)



A true lie is a lie that becomes true when announced. In a logic of announcements, where the announcing agent is not modelled, a true lie is a formula (that is false and) that becomes true when announced. We investigate true lies and other types of interaction between announced formulas, their preconditions and their postconditions, in the setting Gerbrandy’s logic of believed announcements, wherein agents may have or obtain incorrect beliefs. Our results are on the satisfiability and validity of instantiations of these semantically defined categories, on iterated announcements, including arbitrarily often iterated announcements, and on syntactic characterization. We close with results for iterated announcements in the logic of knowledge (instead of belief), and for lying as private announcements (instead of public announcements) to different agents. Detailed examples illustrate our lying concepts. 


Ågotnes, T., van Ditmarsch, H. and Wang, Y., 2018. True lies. Synthese, pp.1-35. 

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