Yang Liu: Two Tales of Epistemic Models

发布时间:2019-11-11 来源:本站原创 作者:本站编辑   浏览次数:

报  告  人:Yang Liu 刘洋(剑桥大学哲学系)

报告题目:Two Tales of Epistemic Models


时       间:2019年11月14日(星期四)14:30-16:30


In this talk I will discuss some surprises and puzzles in epistemic models. First, I will prove a generalisation of Aumann's surprising impossibility result in the context of rational decision making. I then will move, in the second part, to discuss the interpretational meaning of some formal setups of epistemic models, and I will do so by means of presenting an interesting puzzle in epistemic logic. The aim is to highlight certain problematic aspects of these epistemic systems concerning first/third-person asymmetry which underlies both parts of the story. This asymmetry, I argue, reveals certain limits of what epistemic models can be.