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Institute of Logic and Intelligence

The Institute of Logic and Intelligence (ILI) was founded in 2004 as a center for the study of theoretical and applied logic, with a PhD teaching programme. It is a successor of the Logic Research Section of SouthWest Normal University, which has taught students up to Master’s level since the early 1980s. With the support of Southwest University, ILI has become a focus of innovation in research and academic management, and has been named the Key Liberal Science Research Base in Chongqing. In addition to purely theoretical research in logic, ILI emphasizes applications of logic, curriculum development and the training of logic teachers for placement in academic positions. Within China, ILI is distinguished in the quantity and quality of papers published in well-known academic journals, the scale and level of graduate enrollment, the variety of research projects, the level of their funding, the quantity and variety of academic books published, and the extent of international cooperation and exchange. 

Taking logic as the core, ILI aims to develop connections with other disciplines within the humanities, social science, science and technology. It has an inclusive approach, with teaching and research in both traditional and modern logic, classical and non-classical logic, theoretical and applied logic. Although based in the Philosophy Department, ILI has developed cooperative relations with researchers in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, psychology, linguistics and sociology. This multi-disciplinary approach has resulted in publications in inductive logic, the logic of creative thinking, modern logic, artificial intelligence, linguistics, social network analysis and the philosophy of language.

A video introduction can be found from here.